MLS Case Study

One of the most prominent medical laboratories in the Dutch Caribbean, MLS was established to fill the gap between providing the highest excellence in quality, and meeting patients at the point of their individual need. Their constant and consistent commitment to providing the highest quality results in a timely fashion, with guaranteed accuracy for evaluation by the client’s physician, and an empathetic and personalized approach towards patients, has allowed the lab to grow at a rapid speed over the years, and become the first medical laboratory in the region to receive the coveted ISO 15189 accreditation.

From research to strategy

Our team started supporting MLS with its research needs in 2010, and have since played an integral role in ensuring the research (both quantitative and qualitative) needed to comply with RVA’s annual ISO audit doesn’t only meet, but exceeds expectations. However, true to our core, we didn’t stop there. We leveraged the insights gained from years of research along with innovative global trends in the healthcare industry and MLS’ core values, and developed a robust Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy, to solidify MLS’ strong brand. Here are some of the milestones that were born from that strategy:

  • MLS was the first lab in the region to build a strong online community and brand that wasn’t focused on ‘selling’ the lab’s services, but prioritized educating, empowering and encouraging the community to proactively look after their health
  • We organized a second-to-none conference featuring some of the world’s most prominent speakers in healthcare, that centered around the future of medicine and patient empowerment (sneak peek below)
  • MLS maintains a unique approach to ‘marketing communication’ that always looks to add value first and foremost

From strategy to implementation

As true partners, we aided MLS in implementing and executing, and worked tirelessly with the Board of Directors to keep reinventing how MLS shows up for its customers (patients, physicians, and other organizations using it services). Our relationship with MLS over the years is most certainly one of the reasons why we love working with clients in the health and wellness space.

The r/Evolution of Healthcare

 A peek into the r/Evolution of Healthcare Conference our team organized for MLS. The conference centered around patient empowerment and the future of healthcare. Our A-list speakers included renowned Health Strategist, Lucien Engelen, and the phenomenal Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Neuroscientist and New York Times Best-selling author, as Keynote Speaker.

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